Italian branches or representatives of foreign companies are taxed in Italy for the wage tax and social securities. Consita can assist you with the whole procedure:

Payroll services
  •   Advisory service in all personnel related matters (hirings, firings, workforce management, compensation policies, disciplinary items, etc.);
  •  Advice and drafting of hiring contracts (regular FTE or PTE employees as well as subcontractors in their different forms);
  •  Advice about the available tax free allowances;
  •  Drafting, processing and printing pay slips (monthly and additional 13th and 14th installments);
  •  Dealing with the Italian Tax Office and the Social Security Organizations;
  •  Monthly reports to the foreign parent company based on their reporting needs;
  •  Processing and printing annual income certifications (mod. CUD) for each employee and annual declarations as withholding agent (mod. 770); 
  • Processing and drafting monthly reporting statements by employee and by cost center, according to your specifications;
  •  Monthly processing of deferred charges statement (vacation days, hourly permits, accruals/TFR);
  •  Keeping and updating the “Libro Unico del Lavoro” (Employment Book);
  •  Processing and filing UNIEMENS modules and other social security, fiscal or complementary plans payment modules.
Representative of foreign companies in Italy – Our treasury service
It is very important to know what the exact job description is of the representative. In case he is authorized to arrange contracts, the existence of a permanent establishment will be assumed in Italy, which will lead to more tax obligations, like having a financial administration and filing VAT and corporate income taxes. In most tax international treaties it is arranged that representatives have to pay their own wage tax and social securities in Italy, but there is no permanent established branch office in Italy that can arrange that for them.

If none of the representative does the administrative work or you are worried that the representative will not pay taxes and social securities on time, then Consita has the following solution for you: We open a joint bank account on which you will transfer the monthly total salary cost designed by us. From this bank account we will pay on your behalf the wage tax and social securities and the net salary. We will send you copies of the bank statement and you have access to the bank account through internet.
Our fees are always reasonable and appropriate. You can ask for a free offer to Consita:
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